Corporate Social Responsibility

NCL Buildtek Limited is fully committed to the concept and principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in letter and spirit, and shall endeavor to play a meaningful role in discharging its responsibility.

The company’s four-member CSR committee is headed by two Independent Directors.

The Company shall ensure that in identifying its CSR Projects, preference shall be given to the local area and areas around which the Company (including its Units) operates.

NCL Buildtek Limited has undertaken the following Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities briefly.

  • Promoting education/ employment, enhancing vocational skillsThe CSR Committee allocates funds to meet the revenue deficit of Vennela Educational Society, which is running a school – Ratnapuri Vidyalayam and also, Ratnapuri Institute of Technology – College of Polytechnic (RITCOP). With the active support provided by the Company, the students of the school have recorded significant achievements both in academic and co-curricular activities.
  • Other Core CSR activities include
    • Promoting Health Care
    • Women & Child Welfare
    • Rural Development Programmes
    • Promoting Sanitisation and other activities in and around the factory locations.

Empowering Communities

Prioritizing local areas and making a meaningful impact through its dedicated CSR committee.

  • Supplied medical equipments to Kavuluru Primary Health care centre.

  • Providing education to over 400 children in grades ranging from 1-12th

  • Ratnapuri Vidyalayam class room

  • Ratnapuri Vidyalayam Computer Lab

  • Ratnapuri Vidyalayam Conference Hall

  • Ratnapuri Vidyalayam Maths Lab

  • Ratnapuri Vidyalayam Library

  • Construction of Compoud wall for the Mandal Praja Parishad School, Nellore Factory-Nellore

  • Distribution of dustbins to households in Amudalapadu village,Nellore under CSR programme.