At NCL Buildtek Ltd., we are passionate about building brands and careers. We firmly believe great brands are built by people and a great work environment motivates them to excel. Over the past 3 decades, we’ve evolved as a large family of over 1000+ employees for whom, every day is an opportunity to create benchmarks.

As an equal opportunity employer, NCL Buildtek Ltd. encourages every individual to harness their potential and to learn, nurture, experiment, take challenges and grow. Our philosophy of “Build Smart. Live Happy” reflects in our attitude of facilitating a healthy work-life balance and ensuring a happy workplace.

An array of verticals representing a large part of all construction and building materials helps every individual excel in their chosen area of interest and core competence. While each business vertical is managed by a dedicated team of experienced personnel, NCL Buildtek Ltd. is today an employer of choice attracting highly educated and passionate individuals.