NCL Acrylic Putty

NCL Acrylic Putty

Smooth and durable finishes with NCL Acrylic Putty

NCL Acrylic Putty offers breathable walls and superior surface bonding. Its versatility shines as an ideal base coat for interior and exterior applications. Delivering durability, it transforms surfaces with a refined finish making it a top choice for your homes.

A putty that revolutionized
wall finishing.

Ready-mixed paste.

Ultra-smooth surfaces.

Enhanced durability.

Unbeatable advantages, that set us apart!

NCL Acrylic Putty

NCL Putty technical specifications

Here, you’ll find NCL Acrylic Putty, a quick application leading to a sleek finish with strength, reliable adhesion, and controlled water resistance for enduring quality as your trusted solution for superior surfaces.

Efficient factory premix

Saves labor and time significantly.

Primer not needed

Streamlined process, no prior primer application.

Speedy work

Accelerates project pace for timely completion.

Easy application

User-friendly process ensures hassle-free usage.

Lasting durability

Promises enduring strength for long-term resilience.

Smooth finish

Ensures a polished, smooth surface finish.

Adhesion strength

Provides reliable strength for secure attachment.

Economically feasible

Cost-effective choice without compromising quality.

Key facts and specifications

NCL Acrylic Putty
  • Suitable for interior applications.
  • Suitable to apply on smooth sand plaster, gypsum, bison panel, ceiling etc.
30 Kg. & 25 Kg.
Sl. No. Attributes Standard NCL Block Conforms
1 Colour Mfg. Spec Off White
2 pH Mfg. Spec 7.5 to 8.5
3 Weight / liter g / cc Mfg. Spec 1.76
4 Touch dry, at 30°C Mfg. Spec 4 hours
5 Time gap between coats Mfg. Spec 8 hours
6 Toxicity Mfg. Spec Non toxic
  • Ensure that the wall’s surface is free from dust, oil, grease, paints, loose foreign particles / materials and curing agents which may otherwise affect adhesion.
  • Fill the cavities on the wall.
  • Before application proper wall plumbing measures to be taken care.
  • Transfer the complete 25 kg putty into a clean tub/ bucket.
  • If the material consistency & blade movement is good, then proceed for application otherwise add 1% to 5% extra water depending on requirement and mix thoroughly. Then leave the dough for 5 to 10 minutes to settle and then check & proceed for application.
  • Consume / apply the above mixed material within 12 hours.
  • The above dough should be free from lumps.
  • For better results use one full bag for mixing.
  • For ease of application & to save time, use quality bigger putty blade.
  • For better performance wet the surface.
1st coat application:
  • Apply the above material with a Putty blade from bottom to top to get a thickness of 1mm and leave it for 8 hours to dry when the temperature is above 35°C and if the temperature is below 35°C leave it for a minimum of 12 hours for drying.
2nd coat application:
  • Apply the second coat horizontally after fulfilling the above condition point – to get overall thickness range from 1mm. Leave it for 72 hours drying to achieve the minimum required properties.
  • Do not apply the 2nd Coat when you see wetness on the 1st Coat even after 12 hours of drying.
  • After 72 hours of drying apply the NCL Superfine Alltek Putty. After 72 hours carry out sanding with 320 and above grade emery paper to make the surface smooth & remove the blade marks.
  • Curing time: Minimum 7 days are required to achieve the complete product’s properties in summer season (above 35°C) and 10 days are required for other seasons (below 35°C).
sanding After 72 hours drying of second coat, carry out sanding with 320 or above grade emery paper to remove the blade marks & make the surface smooth. coverage 200 Sft per 2 coats per 25kg at an average thickness of 1 mm. The coverage may vary depending upon the condition of the substrate. Shelf life 6 months. Storage Store in moisture-free dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep in dry place.
  • Avoid inhalation of dust.
  • If it comes in contact with eyes or feeling of skin irritation, wash with plenty of plain water and consult a doctor.

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