NCL Vitristik – TE 104

NCL Vitristik – TE 104

Conforms to IS 15477 : 2019 – Type 2
EN 12004 : C1TS1

NCL VITRISTIK is a cement-based thin-bed adhesive, available in grey that has been extensively polymer modified for the secure installation of large format (>300 mm X 300 mm & <600 mm X 600 mm) tiles & stones on levelled walls and floors. This high- quality, factory-prepared dry powder includes specialized chemical additives and inorganic fillers. It delivers exceptional bonding strength, ensuring full coverage of the tile surface. This results in a robust, long-lasting installation, as opposed to the weaker, less reliable installations associated with traditional mortar.

Polymer-modified cement-based adhesive for large tiles & stones.

Ideal for secure installation on leveled walls and floors.

High-quality, factory-prepared dry powder with additives for strong bonding.

Ensures robust, long-lasting installations compared to traditional mortar.

Product features

Discover our high performance tile adhesive, designed to elevate your living spaces. Experience the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance, with top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Ready to use
Self curing
High polymer modified adhesive
Water resistant
Good pull-off adhesion
No need to soak tiles
Good open time

Product specifications

NCL Vitristik
Application For internal application on wall & floor and external application on floor only
Covering Suitable for tiles with porosity less than 3% such as vitrified tiles
Substrate Cement plastered, cement concrete, cement screed and wet areas
Colour Grey & White
Thickness 3 – 12 mm
Coverage 0.255 to 0.278 m² / Kg
Pack Size 20 kg & 50 kg