NCL ADMIX Tile Grout AE – 405

NCL ADMIX Tile Grout AE – 405

Conforms to EN 13888

AE405 is Polymer Modified latex based admix for
Cementitious Grout for high performance to use in
place of water to resist from bacterial attack & color’s
fast. It is suitable for all types of tiles & stones. For
high water absorption stones need sealer before
application of NCL Tile Grout 219

Polymer Modified latex-based admix for Cementitious Grout.

Enhances grout performance, resisting bacterial attack and ensuring color fastness.

Suitable for all types of tiles and stones.

For highly water-absorbent stones, use a sealer before applying NCL Tile Grout 219.

Product features

Discover our high performance tile adhesive, designed to elevate your living spaces. Experience the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance, with top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Water Resistant
Improves flexibility
Minimises the bacterial
Weather resistant

Product specifications

Pack Size0.4 ml, 5 ltr.
Application For interior and exterior walls and floors application
Covering Suitable for ceramic tile, brick, marble, natural stone & agglomerate stone installations.
Pack size 0.4 ml, 5 ltr.