NCL ALLTEK TEXTURES – Deco Orient Base Coat

NCL – Deco orient base coat

Artistic exterior plaster with endless pattern possibilities

Deco orient base: Decorative architectural plaster for exteriors. off-white color, 2mm thickness applied with trowel, creates unique patterns made with marble powder, silica sand, quartz in acrylic binding. Excellent adhesion, crack-resistant, and flexible. Available in small, medium, big, and jumbo lines for various surface patterns. Primed and painted as per customer’s choice.

Durable, premium, lasting, superior.

Flat, sleek, even, polished.

Affordable bulk deals.

Vibrant, rich color palette.

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NCL ALLTEK Deco orient base coat

Textures specification

Here, you’ll find comprehensive information about our premium textures designed to elevate your living spaces. Discover the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality, showcasing high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Explore a wide range of textures that will add beauty and style to your interior and exterior surfaces.

Direct application

No mixing required, ready for direct use, saving time and effort.

Water resistant

Provides excellent water resistance, ensuring longevity and protection against moisture damage.

Easy application

Smooth and effortless application process, ideal for both DIY and professional use.

Enhanced durability

Long-lasting formula that withstands wear and tear, offering a reliable and durable finish.

Key facts and specifications

Deco orient base coat
Surface Preparation
  • Remove loose sand particles / nibs / fins / oil & grease from the surface.
  • Fill the surface cavities if any and level the surface.
  • Material Mixing: Add potable water if required for dilution.
Mixing, Application & Drying
  • Apply material with a trowel over the surface.
  • Remove excess material & level the surface.
  • Run the trowel over the surface to create design.
  • Allow the surface to dry well.
  • Apply primer & paint for finishing over Deco Orient Base surface.
  • Surface drying: Touch dry about an hour at 30 degree centigrade. For good drying leave 72 hrs.
Vary depending upon the grade chosen & surface condition. On levelled smooth sponge finish surface – small lines 5 sft/kg, medium lines 4 sft/kg, big lines 3 sft/kg & jumbo lines 2 sft/kg.
  • To be applied on sponge finish plaster surfaces.
25 kg HDPE bags.
Sl. No. Attributes Standard NCL BUILDTEK CONFIRMS
1 PH mfg specifications 7.5-8.5
2 Toxicity mfg specifications Non toxic
3 Sp.Gravity mfg specifications 1.6
6 months in unopened container. Store in moisture-free dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep in dry place.
  • Avoid inhalation of dust.
  • If the eye accidentally comes in contact with the material or you feel irritation of the skin due to contact, use plenty of plain water to wash the affected area. Consult a doctor if necessary.

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