NCL Exterior Acrylic Primer

NCL Exterior
Acrylic Primer

Endless exterior & interior possibilities through innovative paints.

NCL Exterior Acrylic Primer composed of inorganic fillers, additives, and acrylic polymers, lays the foundation for NCL cement primer. Specially formulated for exterior use, this acrylic primer boasts strong surface adhesion and bonds seamlessly with paint/plaster. Its exceptional alkaline resistance suits concrete and cement plastered surfaces, enhancing compatibility with NCL Alltek products. Choose a dependable base for optimal adhesion.

Effortless application

Enduring durability

Strong adhesion & water resistance

Eco-friendly & safe

NCL Exterior
Acrylic Primer specifications

Here, you’ll discover the essential foundation for your painting with perfect sealing and concealing surfaces, elevating paint adhesion and longevity. Lay the groundwork for a captivating finish that radiates excellence, transforming your space into beauty by enduring quality.

Effortless application

Applies smoothly using a paintbrush.

Enduring durability

Offers long-lasting, resilient performance.

Strong adhesion

Ensures a firm and lasting bond.

Water resistance

Withstands the effects of water exposure.

Eco-friendly & non-toxic

Environmentally conscious and safe to use.

Minimal VOC

Contains very low volatile organic compounds.

Cost-effective choice

Provides value without compromising quality.

Comprehensive Protection

Offers a complete solution with multiple benefits.

Key facts and specifications

NCL Exterior
Acrylic Primer
  • Suitable for exterior applications on cement plasters and concrete.
20/10/4/1 litre pails
Sl. No. Attributes Standard NCL Buildtek Conforms
1 Color Mfg. Spec White
2 pH Mfg. Spec 7.5 to 8.5
3 Weight/litre – g/cc Mfg. Spec 1.39 – 1.4
4 Touch dry at 30°C Mfg. Spec 4 hours
5 Number of coats Mfg. Spec 1 if required 1 more coat can be done
6 Toxicity Mfg. Spec Non toxic
  • Ensure that the wall’s surface is free from dust, oil, grease, paints, loose foreign particles/ materials and curing agents which may otherwise affect adhesion.
  • Fill the cavities on the wall.
Mixing & Application
  • Transfer the complete 1 litre primer material into a clean tub/ bucket.
  • Add 1 litre water to 1 litre primer and mix thoroughly.
  • The above liquid should be free from lumps.
  • Apply the material on dry wall using a quality paint brush.
  • Allow a minimum of 8 hours before application of any coat.
  • Consume/ apply the above mixed material within 12 hours.
The coverage is 150 sft / litre. The coverage may vary depending upon the condition of the substrate.
Shelf life
6 months
Store in moisture-free dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep in a dry place.
  • Avoid inhalation of dust.
  • If it comes in contact with eyes or you feel skin irritation, wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

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