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NCL Vitristik is a grey cement-based polymer modified, thin-bed adhesive for fixing of clay & ceramic tiles on leveled walls and floors. It is a high-quality factory pre-mixed dry powder with special chemical additives and inorganic fillers that provides good bonding strength. NCL Vitristik is suitable for use on most masonry and concrete surfaces.

material with Excellent

Ensures complete bed coverage.

Adhesive with hollowness fails.

Stunning interiors, striking exteriors.

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Requires no additional curing agents.

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Exhibits excellent bonding strength.

Conforms to IS 15477 – Type 2

Compliant with industry standards.

Safe VOC-Free Solution

Environmentally friendly, no toxic fumes.

Key facts and specifications

VITRISTIK tile adhesive
  • Cementitious screeds.
  • Cement mortar beds.
  • Cement plasters.
  • Concrete substrate.
Sl. No. Attributes Standard NCL Block Conforms
1 Appearance Mfg. Spec Dry Powder
2 Color Mfg. Spec Grey
3 Packing Mfg. Spec 20 kg.
4 Shelf life Mfg. Spec 12 months
5 Mixing proportion with water Mfg. Spec 25 to 30%
5 Mixing proportion with water Mfg. Spec 25 to 30%
6 Pot life Mfg. Spec 120 Minutes
7 Tools Mfg. Spec Notched Trowel& Rubber Trowel
8 Bed thickness Mfg. Spec min 3mm (Depends on tile size)
9 Open time at 25°c Mfg. Spec > 15 Minutes
10 Coverage Mfg. Spec > 2.5 sft. / kg. for 3mm
11 Time to traffic Mfg. Spec 24 hours
12 Shear adhesion – 14 dry condition > 8 KN / 10 KN > 12 KN
13 Tensile strength — 14 dry condition 750 N / NA > 950 N
The surface should be dry, clean and free from dust, grease, oil and other contaminates. Keep the following tools ready – mixing tools, trowel, hammer, notched trowel, joint spacers, sponge etc. Cement-based Surfaces: Screeds must be properly cured for 7 days. Cure the concrete for 3 weeks prior to tiling. The surface should be properly levelled for best outcome. Remove curing compounds and any other foreign matter before application which leads to de-bound the tile adhesive. Painted Surfaces: Already paint / lime etc. coated surface should be removed by wire brush or mechanically and loose peeling paint should be removed completely. Allow the surface to dry after cleaning.
Mix the product with water in the ratio of approximately 1:4 in a clean tub. Take 75% of recommended water and gradually add Vitristik tile adhesive to it. Mixing can be done manually or by mechanical slow speed stirrer. Based on the material consistency adjust the water and mixing to be done, till homogenous lump-free mix is obtained. After proper mixing, leave the paste for 5 minutes for polymeric dispersion before application. The paste should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and use within 120 minutes of preparation (after mixing with water).
  • The backside of tiles to be cleaned with wet cloth to remove all dust particles before fixing it. Apply the mixed dough of adhesive on the substrate and spread it by notch trowel. Fix the tiles /stones and press firmly. Then tap properly with rubber hammer in order to spread the adhesive equally and for a good result. Remove any surplus adhesive on the face of the tiles. The tiles adjustment should be done within 15 minutes and before adhesive starts hardening.
  • The 3 mm spacing is recommended when fixing the tiles. After 24 hours, NCLs Cementitious Grouting can be done.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid inhalation of dust.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately.
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