NCL Render 608 HP


NCL Render 608-HP

Self Curing Plastering Mortar


Application in conventional way

Excellent workability


No Sand. No Cement required

Just add water

Premium quality premixed grey cement based render for concrete and block wall plastering

  • Economical as coating thickness can be reduced to 10 to 12 mm
  • Handling wastage will be minimum. plastering time can be dramatically reduced by using spray machine.
  • When pumped it saves over 50 % manpower
  • Ncl Render 608-HP is used for plastering walls and ceilings
  • NCL Render is mixed & applied using spray machine . This will speed-up the plastering work and reduce the labour cost
  • Also Economical as thickness can be reduced to 10 mm to 12 mm with smooth surface finish.
  • For manual application using traditional tools use ncl render 608-HP
  • No curing is required.


  • 0.53 sft/ kg or 0.049 m2 per kg at an average thickness of 10 mm

Packing: Delivered as dry premixed products in 40 kg  HDPE bag.

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