NCL Masonry Glue 110


NCL Masonry Glue 110

Jointing Mortar for AAC Blocks


Application of Masonry Glue 110

in constructing AAC Block Wall


Modern Mortar

for Modern constructions

Premium quality jointing motor for all Masonry work for quick and secure laying of Bricks and Blocks.

NCL Masonry Glue 110, is grey cement based thin coat adhesive for binding the AAC, CLC, Solid cement blocks & fly ash bricks, having good compression strength and excellent surface adhesion

NCL Masonry Glue 110 is used for laying AAC, CLC and fly ash Blocks.

NCl Masonry Glue 110 is a thin jointing mortar with good bonding strength that will save  50 % on mortar cost compared to traditional mortars.

Other Features: No water curing required after application. Dressing of joints not required before plastering. Very economical as the jointing material quantity is far less than traditional joint mortar.


  • 3.20 sft/ kg or 0.297 m2 at 6mm thick bed with 4? blocks.
  • 1.28 sft / kg or 0.119 m2 / kg at 6mm thick bed with 9? blocks

Packing: Delivered as dry premixed products in 40 kg  HDPE bag.

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