NCL Alltek Superfine ( WR)

For areas where frequent washing is needed
Alltek Superfine (W.R) is a Special interior water resistant ready mixed plaster for application on interior surfaces. alltek superfine (W.R) offers water resistance to the surface enabling surface cleaning whenever required.

Alltek Superfine (W.R) is made with good quality acrylic binders, hence apart from good washability and surface adhesion also has excellent crack resistance. alltek superfine (W.R) also protects the surface from common fungi & bacteria.

Alltek superfine (W.R) can be applied directly over cement plastered surfaces and specially recommended on commercial establishments, and deluxe apartments to impart additional washability and crack resistance. alltek superfine (W.R) is supplied in off-white colour and the surface can be over coated with primer and the desired paint.