NCL Alltek Fine

For covering wall undulations
NCL Alltek fine is an interior grade ready mix plaster meant for working on slightly rough / undulated surfaces. alltek fine gives the wall a leveled finish to work on further with alltek superfine application.

Where the plastered surface is more rough and undulated or surface lines are made in the cement plaster, alltek coarse should be applied and leveled before application of alltek fine. alltek fine is specially formulated using specially selected uniform, round, sand particles and other mineral fillers imparting excellent filling on the surface. The acrylic binding medium used gives good surface adhesion and the alkaline nature of the product has good compatibility with the underlying cement surface.

alltek fine is supplied in a ready mixed paste form for direct application on cement plastered walls / over alltek coarse surface. alltek fine can also be sprayed on to the walls.

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