Tile Grout 219


NCL Tile Grout 219

For grouting joints of 1 to 3mm


Polymer modified white cement based grout

For both Interior & Exterior conditions


Water Resistant

Good bonding

  • Suitable for internal & external applications.
  • Recommended for ceramic tiles, natural stone and mosaic tiles for joints up to 3mm wide.
  • NCL Tile Grout 219 is a smooth hydrophobic compressible grouting mixture that has been designed to give tile joints a satin-like appearance.
  • NCL Tile Grout 219 is a polymer modified white cement based grout.

Colour                 White
Joint width          up to 3 mm
Consumption     Varies depending on the size, thickness of the tile and width of joint
Pot life                 Approx, 1 hour, may vary due to temperature & other conditions
Packing               1kg & 5kg HDPE bags

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