For Granite & Tile-on-Tile


The Right Way of tile laying

Spreads uniformly for uniform bonding



For both Interior & Exterior conditions

NCL Tilostik 314 Grey is cement based polymer modified, thin bed adhesive for fixing  of tiles and stones on leveled walls & floors. A high quality factory premixed dry powder with special chemical additives with inorganic fillers. It provides very good bonding strength and full coverage to the tile surface, thereby providing full bed, sound and long lasting installation as compared to the hollow and weak installation with conventional mortar.  Suitable for use on most masonry and concrete Surfaces


Assured Factory Quality - Eliminates site batch mix variations

Eliminates site procurement of individual raw material

Single pack system, need to add only water as per recommended

Suitable for interior, Exterior and external cladding applications

Self Curing product

Very Good tensile adhesion strength

Conforms to IS 15447 – Type 2

Saves considerable time & labour

Eliminates hollow and weak installation like in conventional mortar

Suitable Surfaces:

Cementitious  screeds

 Cement Mortar beds

Cement plasters

Concrete substrate

Tile on Tile

Area of Applications:     

The product is suitable to  fix ceramic, vitrified tiles, Granite & natural stone both in Interior, Exterior, External cladding  substrates and tile on tile

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